Facts you may not know about Zoella

U.K. blogger Zoella, born Zoe Sugg, is an international YouTube sensation. She also has her very own line of beauty products, which American fans can grab at Target, as well as a cute and kitschy lifestyle line, featuring necessities and luxuries like notebooks, pillows, candles, and more, available across the pond in her native country. Her domestic fans, such as yours truly, are hoping and praying these pieces become available in the U.S. eventually.

Zoella has millions of YouTube subscribers. Her videos, which range from her boyfriend Alfie doing her makeup to product hauls to adorable and revelatory “Never Have I Ever” segments with her brother Joe, rack up multi-million views. That’s due to her likable personality and her relatable, millennial sense of style. Zoella isn’t an “it” girl; she’s “every” girl and the bestie next-door, elements which are a large part of her appeal.

Even if you have watched most of Zoella’s videos, chances are there are loads of facts you may have missed. Here are several things you may not have known about Zoella.

She had a few celebrity crushes

In a “How Well Do We Know Each Other” segment with her well-coiffed main squeeze Alfie, Zoella revealed that she had a celebrity crush on Evan Peters back in 2014. (Peters starred in the X-Men franchise and American Horror Story). Her first celeb crush was much more high-profile, though. She revealed in her “Boyfriend vs. Brother” clip that she also fell victim to “Leomania.” Handsome heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio was her first celeb crush. Her brother also confirmed she once fancied footballer Michael Owen, so we have a sense of her taste in men.

Her favorite band was Steps

When Sugg was younger, before she became a huge YouTube sensation, her fave band was Steps. Not familiar with Steps? Well, here is a crash course. Steps are a five-piece, British dance pop act featuring three females and two male members. According to their official bio, Steps formed in 1997 and eventually split in 2001, though they reunited in 2011. They sold 20 million albums and enjoyed 14 hit singles in their career, apparently making them second most successful British pop group behind the Beatles. No wonder Zoella loved them.

Her first holiday was in Portugal

In a game of “Boyfriend vs. Brother,” she revealed that her first childhood holiday on a plane was a trip to Portugal. Of course her brother Joe knew the answer to that one, since he went with her. It was a little unfair to pose that question to Alfie, but it does offer a little insight into what life was like for Zoella on the homefront while growing up.

She was once obsessed with hedgehogs

In the summer of 2013, Zoella had an obsession with a hedgehogs, as revealed in her “Boyfriend vs. Brother” chat. Even though she had no hedgehog merch, she spent 20 quid a day on cat food that she put on a plate to feed a hedgehog in her garden, according to Alfie. The hedgehog love seems to continue, as she more recently tweeted her desire to have a family of the prickly mammals.

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