Robbie Williams’ ‘two-hour trauma’ over empty seats

Robbie Williams thought his career was over when he went into panic mode at his show in Edinburgh after seeing a cluster of empty seats

Robbie Williams feared his pop star was waining when he thought he’d performed to a half-empty arena in Edinburgh.

The ‘Party Like a Russian’ hitmaker has revealed on his recent trip to the Scottish capital for his ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour’ he was being his “cocky” self coming out on stage when he looked up and saw loads of empty seats at Murrayfield Stadium, which seats 67,000 people.


As soon as he’d seen the lack of people in one area of the audience, Robbie panicked and suddenly had visions of having to do reality television because he thought it meant his career was “over”, and went into panic mode for two hours.

Speaking in his latest ‘Vloggie Williams’ video on his official YouTube channel, the 43-year-old singer shared: “I got on stage and turned around cocky with showmanship and looked at a whole section where there was nobody sitting and went: ‘It’s over, the career’s over.’


“Honestly, I had trauma for two hours. I was like, ‘OK right, I’ll go into TV, I’ll do a TV show’, true to God.

“Then we get in the car at Edinburgh and everyone was like, ‘Amazing gig’.

“And they genuinely mean that and in my head I was going, ‘But the tickets and nobody in the thing’…”


It turned out that they weren’t empty seats and in fact the gig-goers who were sat in those chairs had repositioned themselves to get a better view of Robbie.

However, the Angels’ star said even though his manager told him that it still played on his mind.

He continued: “And then Michael said everybody that was sitting in that bit got up and down to the [bottom].

“So there was 31,000 people on the floor, I’d needn’t of bothered.


“But, by that time, you know when you get yourself worked up into something and you find out the truth, but you are still like…”

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