The Down Low on Rob Lowe, Surprising Facts on the 80’s Hunk

Ahead of his new A+E series, ‘The Lowe Files,’ which premieres this Wednesday, we look at some unique facts on Rob Lowe to prove he’s more than just a pretty face.

With that mid-length fluffy ‘do, baby blue eyes and dangling earring, Rob Lowe was one of the biggest bad-boy hunks of the 80’s and a proud member of Hollywood’s Brat Pack.


Thirty years later Lowe is still worth fawning over, thanks to his preternaturally youthful genes. But these days, the actor isn’t interested in talking about his ‘homina homina’ factor or reminiscing about his wild days in Hollywood. Instead Lowe wants to show you a different side to him — one that’s rather dark! This Wednesday, his new A&E reality series, The Lowe Files, reveals his love for the unexplained, which he shares with his two sons, as they criss-cross the country to explore some of the most infamous unsolved mysteries.


As a precursor to the premiere, we explore some other unique factoids about Rob Lowe that may surprise you (but hopefully won’t spook you… we’ll leave that to the show).

– Lowe is deaf in his right ear, due to a virus he caught when he was an infant.


– At the age of 10, Lowe knocked on Liza Minnelli’s hotel room when she was performing in his hometown of Ohio. Minnelli agreed to meet the confident youth when she overhead him saying: “My name is Rob Lowe. I want to be an actor and I was hoping to meet Miss Minnelli.” She wished him the best of luck and apparently, it worked.

– Lowe went to high school with Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, and Sean Penn.

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