The untold truth of 2 Broke Girls

So there are these two 20-something girls who are totally broke, work at a diner together, and then decide to team up and start a business to rake in the big bucks. With such a universal take on a storyline, it’s easy to think this might be a tale of real life — but, it’s actually the plot of the show 2 Broke Girls. An instant hit when it premiered back in 2011, the show continues to slay prime time today.

Originally considered a hard sell for network execs, as it highlighted the very real recession happening at the time, the comedy unapologetically shattered boundaries, highlighting issues that made us laugh, and think, at the same time. And with a stellar cast led by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, it’s easy to see why this show keeps on winning. So let’s take a closer look at 2 Broke Girls and the untold truths you haven’t heard about the show — and it’s very funny cast.

Beth was an unknown before the show

Although it now seems impossible to picture anyone else in the role of Caroline, Behrs was not a top pick for the part. Per usual, the network wanted a known star in the role, not an up-and-comer. As Behrs later told The Hollywood Reporter (THR), “I’d been to a lot of pilot auditions that year and those roles always went to a name. I was sharing a one-bedroom apartment and was nannying and bartending at the time.” Luckily, the creators of the show stood by their original vision for the role.

As co-creator Whitney Cummings told THR, casting who they wanted wasn’t an easy move. She said, “There were definitely some casting issues. CBS wanted stars. For Caroline, they were pitching famous, pretty blond pop stars, the Ashley Tisdales of the world. We had to push hard for a complete unknown.” As fellow co-creator Michael Patrick King shared during the interview, they knew when they saw Behrs that she was a good fit, even though she didn’t have much camera experience. “Beth’s résumé had two things on it, but I could tell she had an organic funny bone. TV used to be about discovering people.” And what a great discovery she was.

Kat was nervous about performing live

Dennings comes across as so funny and confident during interviews, that it’s hard to picture her ever being shy and uncomfortable — about anything. But when 2 Broke Girls started filming, that’s exactly how she felt. Speaking with CBS This Morning, the star opened up about her initial thoughts on filming the show in front of a live audience. While Behrs’ background was in theater, which afforded her some comfort on a television stage, Dennings’ performance experience was a little bit different.

Dennings said during the interview, “I come from more of a movie, independent movie thing, where you’re performing for 50 people in Canada, and it’s cold, and then, you know — maybe someone will see it, and it’s great — and then you just see people at the premiere, so, you’re removed from people.” Filming in front of an audience was a bit of a shock to the actress. “Having so many people there, making noise, and when we’re not doing a take, there’s this loud, house music playing…it’s sensory overload.”

The show almost didn’t happen

When the plot for 2 Broke Girls came to be, there were more than a few nerves in Hollywood, about the content. Not only did the show focus on two women who were blunt and said things we normally hadn’t heard in prime time television, but the show also revealed an honest look at the current recession, and what it really was like to be totally, completely, well — broke.

As co-creator King mentioned to THR, he saw this lack of recognition as a problem. “I didn’t see any hardworking 20-year-olds on television, and I especially didn’t see any hardworking female characters. The 20-year-olds I knew had two and three jobs. I’m from people who didn’t have a lot of money, and it didn’t reflect the world as I knew it.” King and Cummings saw an opportunity to create a show that viewers could relate to. And they took it. As King said, “Five years ago, the word ‘broke’ was very much a part of the dialogue…People were worried about the recession, and it was a hot moment to actually be on television saying, ‘We can’t pay our rent.'”

Beth and Kat still get shocked by the scripts

A show known for its witty — and oftentimes, raunchy — dialogue, could become a bit predictable, right? Think again! The two stars of the show have made it clear that they still get surprised by what their characters do and say when they read new scripts.

As Dennings described to CBS This Morning, “Every week there’s something at the table read where I’m just like, ‘Beth…Beth.” Behrs jumped in, agreeing completely, with, “Yes, our faces get red.” But even though they may feel a little embarrassed, it would never stop them from making a great show for their fans. As Dennings explained, “I feel like now the people who have watched from the beginning kind of expect it. So we’d sort of let them down if we don’t push it.”

Beth and Kat are good friends in real life

The great on-screen chemistry between the characters of Max and Caroline makes us wonder if the two stars are besties in real life too. And it’s safe to say that’s the truth. Behrs shared how their friendship started with her screen test during an interview on The Talk. “[Kat] was filming a movie in Florida, and she actually flew out for two hours from Florida on a Sunday morning to screen test with me, which was so nice of her.” Dennings immediately jumped in to share her good vibes from that screen test as well, saying, “Best thing I’ve ever done…I was like, really, do we even have to do this? She’s perfect. We don’t even need to do this.” Even now, when the ladies are interviewed together, their friendship is apparent immediately. They genuinely laugh at each other’s jokes and enjoy each other’s company. And considering the hours these two actresses clock together, that’s a great sign.

Although it was the serendipity of the show that brought Dennings and Behrs together, they are convinced they would have been friends if they had met earlier in life, too. When asked by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, if they would have hung out together during childhood, the two stars gave a definitive yes, sharing how many similar interests they had as kids, growing up. They said, “We both loved American Girl dolls, playing in the woods, Archie comics [Betty and Veronica], seances…” With that unshakeable friendship, and fearless talent, these two are quite the unstoppable, powerhouse duo.

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