What you don’t know about the Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott, the stars of Property Brothers, Brother vs. Brother, and Property Brothers at Home, seem like a couple of guys who were born for reality TV stardom. But there’s actually more to them and their history than just flipping houses. Let’s see what led them to their growing TV empire, and what’s going on with the Scotts when the cameras aren’t rolling.

There’s a third brother

While most television viewers have poured love and adulation upon Drew and Jonathan, their older brother, J.D., has mostly gone unnoticed. J.D. previously worked in Las Vegas as a celebrity impersonator, drawing on his resemblance to American Idol’s Adam Lambert and the late, great David Bowie as an outlet for his creative energy. Since his brothers’ TV shows took off, J.D.’s been hosting the network’s online, behind-the-scenes coverage of Brother Vs. Brother, as well as earning hosting duties on the show All-American Amusement Parks on Great American Country. Who says three’s a crowd?

Turning down other reality TV gigs

Though they gained their fame as reality television stars, it doesn’t mean Drew and Jonathan Scott are willing to do anything to make a buck. For instance, Jonathan turned down appearing on The Bachelor. He told People in 2014, “It’s not my thing. I like to think that I don’t need to date twelve women at a time.”

That might sound like Jonathan thinks he’s too good for the show, but that’s not true. The fact is he’s actually too well-adjusted and mentally healthy for it. Meanwhile, a show that ends with marriage may actually bring back some bad memories for Jonathan, because…

They wanted to be actors

Although Drew and Jonathan Scott are clearly gifted designers and businessmen, they originally wanted to be actors. In fact, the whole reason they went into real estate was to avoid becoming starving artists. “During university we did our very first property, ended up flipping it — before flipping was a trend or cool,” they explained in an interview with Glamour magazine.

Their business took off, but Drew didn’t want to give up on his dream of pursuing an acting career. In 2005, Drew decided that his original goal of becoming an actor had been eclipsed by house-flipping — so he flew west to pursue a career in acting while Jonathan ran the real estate and flipping business back in Calgary. But Drew isn’t the only one who’s tried his hand at acting: both brothers starred on the Canadian series Breaker High, Drew had an additional role on Smallville, and Jonathan was on The X-Files.

They live together

The brothers share a house in Las Vegas, which they bought and renovated themselves. Since they had just a bit of experience with this, they followed the same process they walk clients through on their show: the brothers hunted for bargains, and found a 5,400 square foot home built just before the recession. The exterior of the home was “just a dirt lot,” Jonathan told The New York Times, and “nothing had really been done on the inside.” The brothers bought the property for $400,000 and promptly set to work. Although their renovation budget was $2 million, they still followed the same advice they give to homeowners on the show and used money-saving hacks like painting the kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them.

After completing the extensive renovations, the house now has a guest house for their parents, who visit frequently from Alberta. It also has a two-story commercial-grade water slide that spirals into the pool, a game room replete with a vintage arcade machine, as well as a putting green and basketball court in the back yard. Not too shabby!

They have a medieval weapons collection

“We’ve had a medieval weapons collection for a long time,” Jonathan said in an interview with The New York Times. The collection boasts numerous swords, a suit of armor, and a battle-ax, and all are arranged on a shelf near the main entrance of their shared house. Hmm, a collection of medieval weapons on display in the foyer? Not imposing at all! The intimidation factor must be a great way to deter uninvited visitors.

Cool fact: the battle-ax is a replica of the one used by Robert the Bruce, a revered Scottish king and warrior who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries. “We’re related on my mother’s side,” explained Jonathan.

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